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Bloggin on a Nomad

Since I will be attendig the Seattle Mindcamp this weekend, I talked to the Display group at Microvision and they agreed that it would be a good idea to lona me a Nomad Expert Technician System, the ND-2100 version of Microvision’s wearable heads-up display.

So here I am, wearing sunglasses and a Nomad that has been running for several hours, blogging away like a madman. Dan has photos that might be available on this blog before too long.

At the mindcamp, DAn and I will be pushing the TRC’s fundraising and outreach agendas, as well as geeking out with the 148 other nerds in attendence. It should be a good time, but I’m still planning on taking a break to see my sister who we are expecting up here from Eugene this weekend.

My biggest regret will be missing frisbee (which occurs at the same time as the mind camp’s opening ceremonies), but if we end up getting a million dollar endowment for the TRC out of this, it will all be worth it, right? Or even one year’s sponsorship… I hope the frisbee crew will forgive me…

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