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Blogging is Hard

I decided to write a blog post this evening, and I have discovered that it is hard.

I have five or so unfinished drafts. Some of them have really good titles:

  • Time Horizon
  • Tags
  • Is Antitrust Regulation Harmful to Consumers?
  • (no title), but the content seems to be a fairly well thought-out post about the “black swan effect”

Maybe I should try finishing these articles.

3 Responses to “Blogging is Hard”

  1. Ryan McElroy Says:

    Ha — “articles”. How about “posts” Ryan?

  2. Mark Callaghan Says:

    My black swan effect was unhappiness after wasting 1 hour reading bits of the black swan book. The pontification to content ratio was not good.

  3. Mario Says:

    It is extremely hard, but you managed to get, how many posts already?

    I only wish I could get as many articles online as you.

    Keep it up Ryan!

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