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On Friday, I graduated Facebook bootcamp, a six-week onboarding program that is designed to get new engineers at Facebook up to speed quickly. Overall, I think bootcamp is a good program — it certainly beat the socks off of my onboarding experience at Amazon. Facebook moves even faster than Amazon, yet the onboarding sessions were up-to-date because they were owned and presented by engineers, not relegated to some out-of-date wiki (although, overall, Amazon’s wiki is considerably better than Facebook’s).

At any rate, the best parts of bootcamp for me were two excellent onboarding sessions: one on JavaScript a few weeks ago, and one onĂ‚  Git last week. The engineers presenting had good presentations, but more importantly, they took time to answer my questions very thoroughly. It is very exciting to be working with people who have such deep knowledge and are so readily available.

One of the tasks during bootcamp is to figure out what team to join out of the teams that are hiring. I found I enjoyed most of the tasks I worked on, so I had trouble narrowing it down initially. In the end, it really came down to working on Scribe, an open-source distributed logging system that Facebook created, or working with the Databases team on what essentially amounts to MySQL hacking. As hard as the choice was to make, it was a good choice to have because I’m certain either team would have been an interesting place to work. However, in the end I had to make a choice, and today I started with the Databases team.

For now, my task is to get up to speed on Drizzle, a stripped-down branch of MySQL. I certainly have my work cut out for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Mark Holton Says:

    Very cool. Thanks for posting the interesting info about the culture of that place — sounds inspiring. Congrats on the graduation from bootcamp, and good luck with the MySQL hacking!

  2. Andrew Hitchcock Says:

    Nice. I’ve heard about Facebook’s bootcamp before and I’m jealous. Amazon’s onboarding is absolutely terrible. The problem with the SDE training is that it /isn’t/ on a wiki!

    Also, it is cool that you are going to work on Drizzle. I’ve been following that project for a while and it seems to be really shaping up. I’ve met a few of the engineers up here in Seattle, nice guys.

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