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Breakthrough Pain, Breakthrough Gain

The 5mg oxycodone tablets I have are labelled “for breakthrough pain” which I have taken to mean pain that breaks through the background level of 10mg extended release oxycodone pills I have. I have stopped taking the 10mg tablets, and I have found that in my current state, I have to take about one 5mg tablet each night to make it through — or at least to be able to sleep.

On the flip side, I started physical therapy yesterday — I’m going again today, and then on Tuesday, after which I will be seeing Dr. Wahl for a post-surgical evaluation. One of the exercises I was supposed to do for physical therapy was to lift the injured leg, keeping it straight. Well, lifting the leg turned out to be quite an issue since, just as I was told would happen (though I didn’t believe it at the time), my right quad “forgot” how to operate. Or perhaps more precisely, I forgot how to operate my right quad. I could try with all I was worth, but I could not cause it to lift my leg. It was a frustrating, disenchanting, almost out-of-body feeling, not being able to control a leg that was clearly mine. Then I was trying again today, and suddenly, I regained control of the leg and it lifted. I don’t know why the sudden change, but it was not fleeting — the ability to lift the leg stayed with me. It was exhilarating to have the control back — I wanted to dance, but didn’t, because that probably would have been bad.

3 Responses to “Breakthrough Pain, Breakthrough Gain”

  1. ben Says:

    Good to hear of your progress! And being smart enough not to dance… :-)

  2. Shai Says:

    This was a triumph.
    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

    I’m GLaD that you made it work, it’ll only get better from here. :)

  3. Mario Says:

    damn ryan, i haven’t read any of your recent posts here (haven’t had time) but just from browsing it seems like your leg hasn’t yet recovered. hope you get better soon dude. and i’ll give your postings a better read through some other time.

    CIAO 50th and 8th homie.

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