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Took the parents to the airport this morning, then drove straight up I-5 to school, got to class ten minutes late, paid some attention, talked to the TA briefly, then headed to work, worked straight through lunch eating only a few things from the vending machine then left work about 6:40, hit up the Puget Sound Blood Center for a walk-in donation, met a nice girl going to the UW (but curses on me, I didn’t find out any more), left just after 8, hit up Costco Gasoline at about 8:30, then deposited a check from work (reimbursement for my trip to Portland), then headed home, played a little bit of DoD:S (a very well-made game, I might add) to blow off the steam, then ate my first real food of the day (beef, rolls, and cheese, mmmm), submitted my CSE 143 assignment online, and then wrote this blog – and yes this is a run on sentence, just like my day.

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