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Checksum Arcanius Turns 300

That last post was number 300. Sure, there are a few holes along the way, from incomplete and/or deleted posts, but its just like Firefox turning 50, where I am sure there were some repeat downloads in there (heck, I am responsible for a few repeats myself).

I celebrated the occasion by turning power off to sf2, the server responsible for, off twice without warning. Actually, that had more to do with a 15-amp circuit breaker, lots of power supplies in my room, and a strange same-circuit connection to a certain socket in the laundry-room-turned-kitchen-during-remodel, where the Microwave sent the whole kit and kaboodle over the edge.

Nevertheless, its back up and seems to be healthy, and is now connected to a UPS that I picked up from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Long story. Regardless, it power loss should be less common now.

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