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I was invited by fellow Microvision intern Nick to head out to Chopstix with him and some of his friends. I accepted and ended up enjoying my first experience at a dueling pianos bar. I escaped with a light $22 tab as well — not drinking does have its benefits. There were a number of great songs played, as well and a number that I didn’t know, and a number I didn’t know well. Three pianists took turns playing and singing on two pianos, so each got several times to rest throughout the night. The most impressive part was the huge repitoire that each of the guys had. The songs were always loud, sometimes fun, and ocasionally lewd. The food was quite good, but short of excellent (I had the shrimp and tried out some of the peanut saunce pasta as well). On our way out around 12:30, the friend who met us there discovered that his car was locked inside the garage he had parked in — it had closed at midnight. So after dropping Nick and Ariana (quite the babe) off, I ended up taking Andrew home.

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  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    If you’re ever in Vegas, you should definitely check out the dueling piano bar in New York, New York. Those guys are awesome. Dealing with all the drunk forty-somethings that get a little too sentimental when a Billy Joel song comes on is another matter, but it’s still worth it ;)

  2. Stickman Says:

    I wonder if Ariana reads your blog.

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