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After seeing the robot off into the hands of the FedEx guy to 1:30 today, Dan and I went into Seattle to eat, walk Alki beach, and eventually, watch Constantine at the Cinerama. I had read a review in the Seattle Times that, though not exactly lauding, piqued my interest, so I decided it was worth a shot, and most any movie is better in the Cinerama.

And the choice was a good one. Though Dan didn’t think too much of it except for the special effects, I quite liked just about everything about the movie. Maybe it has something to do with my own internal search for truth; I don’t know. But Keanu Reeves was the right man for this role, and the theology behind the movie was intriguing, to say the least. The movie could have been extraordinarily silly, but for me, somehow, it stayed on the right side of the line, and instead I found it fun, exciting, and very much worth the day away from work.

3 Responses to “Constantine”

  1. Alex Leshinsky Says:

    Ryan, if you think that that movie is good then I must refer you here: Rotten Tomatoes
    Not that I have seen it or anything :)

    PS: Visit my new blog :)

  2. Alex Leshinsky Says:

    Oops, the above comment has a mistake. i didnt mean for the hyperlink to span all of the text, but still visit it

  3. Ryan Says:

    I never said that it was good (I’m not sure that it is) – only that I liked it. A lot. Still trying to figure out why. It was pretty, I will say that.

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