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CS Ownage and Other Activities on Monday

Today I went shopping with Ben after a late start. After Ben and I parted ways, I went a few places with Scott to get things for Ben. Got a few gifts, but there are still many to be gotten, and then wrapping. Its fun. After shopping, I came home and helped pull together dinner. Its the best dinner I’ve had in months, if not a year. The salmon, the salad (which I made), the rice, the shrimp (which I cooked), the blueberries (which I ate a lot of) – everything was excellent. It helped that I was hungry, but that really just left enough room for starberry ice cream (all natural and irresistable!). A fabulous day overall.

I also played a little bit of Counterstrike and made the Inernet connection in the laundry room more permanent. I have some screenshots of my CS ownage here!

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