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Day 1: Nearly Abject Failure

Days like I had yesterday are why I need to follow through with my resolutions so badly. It was one of my “dysfunctional” days – slept in (because I went to sleep late), felt unmotivated most of the day, got next to nothing done, and generally made a mess out of things.

#1: Sleep before midnight: I get a bye, because I wasn’t home at midnight. Rather I was at Jon’s, and I got to bed without any problems once I got home around 1:30. I had all sorts of trouble falling asleep, and the fact that I am up already is only further testament to how little energy I expended yesterday.

#2: Read one page from a book: Failed. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous that I didn’t get this one done. But like I said, I have these resolutions for a reason.

#3: Daily exercise: Failed. See explanation of #2, above.

#4: Limit Counter-Strike to one hour: Well, I did basically nothing yesterday, including Counter-Strike. So I pass on this one, but not for any good reason.

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