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Dead Week

I have never really experienced dead week — generally, I have always been doing well enough in, or not cared enough about, my classes to seriously screw up my sleep or life over it. However, this quarter I am finding things shape up somewhat differently. First, I do care about my classes enough these days — I have decided to eschew my past of ignoring classes that aren’t the most interesting to me.

So, instead of floating along and getting a B-minus grade in Bioengineering Physiology, I’m going to try for the A-minus, even though I loathe the class. This is highly abnormal for me, and it will require some real work — including a good job on a term paper, a well-done lab write up, and some hardcore studying for the final. Similarly, despite getting the class-high grade on my instrumentation class midterm, I don’t think much of the teacher or the way the class was taught. In the old days, I would probably start to coast about now, and get the A-minus instead of the A. But this year, I’m going to try give the repeat performance an actual shot. Its not like I don’t try on the tests — I always do — but good grades sometimes depend on preparation as well, which is not my usual strength.

My CSE classes are somewhat better, because I’m more motivated to do well in them, as I find the subjects more fascinating and the teachers more competent — generally the classes are more worthwhile. However, in my microarchitecture class, after a week long after-thanksgiving hiatus, there are suddenly three labs due on Friday — the same day as both of the Bioengineering lab reports and the Bioengineering lab paper. That means six major assignments are due in less than a week. And finals is the week after.

So, I say to myself, welcome to dead week.

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  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. My experience of dead week was always more like “walking dead” week. I hope you can get through it, crash afterwards and get on with enjoying the holidays. Good Luck!


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