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Death Tomorrow

Also known as first Biochem test of the quarter. Then three more to go, and no more stupid memorization-only classes after that.

2 Responses to “Death Tomorrow”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Well, I guess I survived — I arrived about 10 minutes late, finished in about 20 minutes, and left 20 minutes early. Unfortunately, I forgot my gloves so I had to go back. I probably didn’t ace the test — there was definitely a lot of material that I hadn’t memorized — but I think I did a pretty good job eliminating incorrect answers and arriving at reasonably optimal guessing situations, when guessing was needed. So while I’m not quite willing to say that I did well, I think it is a possibility. That hope will have to be enough until I get the test back, at least.

  2. Ryan Says:

    20/24 … 83.3%

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