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Deja Vu & Apacalypto

I recently got back into movie-watching mode, catching Deja Vu with Little Scott, and Apacalypto with the Brothers Marsh and Little Scott.

Deja Vu was a typical time paradox action flick with a remarkably effective delivery that made the movie much more dramatic than it otherwise would have been. It ended predictably, but it was fun getting there. Lets say B+/3.5.

Apacalypto was something else entirely. Let me preface by saying, if you are not totally comfortable with blood spurting from head woods, blood pouring from chest wounds, and brutal blood-drenched combat, do not watch this movie ever. That being said, I liked this movie, a lot. I think it had a rather compelling storyline and told a story without pulling any punches. I definitely think my enjoyment of the movie was due in a large part to a perspective influenced heavily by Orson Scott Card’s Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus and the Book of Mormon. That and my strange and complete callousness to violence. A+/5.0.

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  1. Ben Says:

    I wouldn’t say callousness to violence but an understanding of reality versus make-believe. I mean if you saw a real person with a nasty cut, there would definitely be a “ouch” message mingled with a small sense of fear sent through your system followed by a “how can I help them?” In a movie though your mind is probably conditioned to treat it as “not real despite how real it looks.” What would be interesting is to see how you would react to hinted violence in a movie. Where the mind starts to suggest what is happening with limited visual and audio cues. Anyway, you should check out the film “DOA” on That’s an awesome movie! Great plot and script.

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