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Delivered By Mailman

Bob and I (mostly Bob, actually, but I got to share the glory because I was there when everything started working) got GNU Mailman working on silverfir last night. The reason for it, as seems to be the reason for a lot of the things I do, was the Titan Robotics Club. Communication has always been an issue, and for a long time I’ve thought several different well-defined mailing lists would work better than one general mailing list. I tried with yahoogroups, but having multiple lists didn’t seem to work very well since each were so seperate, and nobody else seemed interested in the idea. But recently, interest has picked up, and I think Mailman can provide a better solution as well.

At first, we are thinking of having just a few lists, but we can easily add more if we want/need to:
-Announcements (For the general public and anyone interested in what big things the club is doing)
-Chit-chat (For off-topic chatter between members)
-Executives (For the club leadership to discuss issues)
-h4x0rZ (For attendees of the summer hack sessions)

In the future, we will probably add:
-Lego League
-Web Team (if applicable)
-Video (if applicable)
-Animation (if applicable)

One small step for exim, one giant leap for the TRC


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