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Dim Sum Yum

For soccer captain Scott’s birthday today, a bunch of us headed out to New Kowloon in the International District for some scrumptous Dim Sum. It was my second time, I think, and it was very good.

After that, I retreated to the underground to pound out some user-level threaded code. I think it all works now!

4 Responses to “Dim Sum Yum”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Message from the future: remember what you’re learning about threads. It’ll come in handy later.

  2. nordsieck Says:

    I would be willing to wager that 15-20 years out, threading will be the “c” of the multi-processing world, and that some other model (mpi ala erlang looks like the heir apparent right now) will be the dominant multi-processing paradigm on the software side.

  3. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Did you just bust out into Norwegian in those parentheses? :)

  4. nordsieck Says:

    MPI: message passing interface. Right now, there are several high performance libraries circulating around; it is used in HPC type clusters to do things like… simulate the entire world. That sort of massively parallel environment is coming to a desktop near you!

    Erlang: A language invented at Ericsson by engineers trying to build massive (they used it on the phone network), concise, fault-tolerant software systems. Parallel processing primitives are first class entities in this language. It is quite a bit slower than c, but allows programmers to write highly parallel code much more easily. Like most glue languages, it emphasizes the use of c based foreign functions for performance critical code paths.

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