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Doing Something About the Financial Crisis

My good friend Scott has some good advice on what to do about the financial crisis: vote with your dollar and take your money out of the banks that helped get us into this mess.

Both of my banks (JPMorgan, formerly Washington Mutual, and U.S. Bank) have recieved TARP money, so I will be moving my money out of these banks and into a well-run bank, perhaps Charles Schwabb, following Scott’s lead.

One Response to “Doing Something About the Financial Crisis”

  1. Hoyin Says:

    Haha, if only that could drive the failing banks further down to the point of nationalization. Until Obama realizes that he will have to make an example of the perpetrators – Citibank, Bank of America, etc. – by nationalizing these failing banks, I’m afraid we’re just gonna keep throwing more and more money into pockets of investors instead of doing the right thing.

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