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Doug Casey on D’s and R’s

The Democrats have an overt philosophy of collectivism — but you’ve at least got to respect the fact that they are consistent about it. The Republicans don’t really have any philosophy at all, unless you could call saying, ‘We won’t go as far as the Democrats’ a philosophy — so, although they’re arguably less evil, they have to be totally disrespected as spineless hypocrites.

— Doug Casey

One Response to “Doug Casey on D’s and R’s”

  1. Stickman Says:

    I still can’t get past the fact that their names have nothing to do with what they stand for. I can’t claim to side with either, because I can’t figure out what each collective stands for — not to mention that individuals who claim membership in either are just that: individuals. Which confuses their collective beliefs even more with individual beliefs.

    With that in mind, I find it hard to justify these groups for anything more than propping up their own agenda by at least tangentially aligning themselves with a larger faction.

    It’s easier to inspire mob mentality than to be an individual and lead your own beliefs forward.

    Maybe I’ll figure out politics some day. Before this “end” that everyone’s claiming is coming wipes us out.

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