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Driving In Snow

Ah, the thrills of living in the mountains. Indeed, driving home from work today was an experience both frightening and exhilarating. A sure sign that the road is slick is when my 4×4 truck goes up a hill at an angle that isn’t quite straight. Still, I find the experience to be quite a bit of fun when I feel like I’m still in control — more or less — of the vehicle. On the other hand, those times that I’m not so sure I’m in control — even for a split second — are downright spooky. Fortunately, I was able to minimize the later on the slip-‘n-slide up the back side of Cougar Mountain, and the whole experience — including climbing a hill at an angle — turned out to be positive. We’ll see if I still feel this way about it tomorrow morning. :-)

One Response to “Driving In Snow”

  1. Adam Hays Says:

    I remember driving to my highschool when the roads would be covered in ice. I would wonder why the school board didn’t cancle school in the first place. I remember one time very well when a Goddard Police Officer was in front of me and traffic came to a stop and he stoped and slid right off the road due to the slanted part of the road that was on a turn. That was the only thing that I have ever thought was fun when there had been ice and snow on the roads.

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