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Dubiously Useful Information

I think I aced the calculus midterm. In celebration, I played Counterstrike. The ban will return, though, I suppose, if I don�t end up getting the grade I expected. Nevertheless, it was nice to get back into the game� My skills aren�t nearly as refined as they were when they left, but the instincts are still mostly good, and I�m hovering around 1:1 ratio-wise.

I visited the robotics �team� at the school today during testing. All of one student was there� Hopefully we get a better showing at the practice competition tomorrow. The arm still pops chain quite easily at half power, and its painfully slow, my fault. But the autonomous code is buggy as all-get out � Larry and Dave�s fault. There is plenty of blame to go around. J We�ll see how we are compared to other teams, and hopefully we�ll keep working on the robot for a few more days instead of packing it up tomorrow.

I saw Secondhand Lions � the idea was decent, but it was pretty overacted. The flashbacks were fun, but the touchy-feely parts of the movie were so forced it lost significance for me. Can�t suggest it too much, unless you�re into that kind of movie�

Adam: i drank red bull today
Adam: it didnt give me wings much less energey
Adam: have you ever had red bull?
Ryan: never
Adam: do you know what it is
Ryan: I have a friend who drinks them before he goes snowboarding
Ryan: he seems to think they helpo
Adam: lol
Adam: i drank a 24 ounce uh… something
Adam: it didnt do anything to me
Ryan: I’ll add your lack of energy experience to my repository of dubiously useful information

You know you’re too old when someone asks “do you know what it is” is reference to Red Bull…

Time for more CS or sleep, whichever comes first�

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  1. Adam Says:

    lol. I drank more Red Bull today. It’s nothing special. Did wake me up a bit…

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