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Today marks one full year that I’ve been working at Facebook. It has been the most consuming, thrilling, and educational work experience I could imagine.

Looking back at what I’ve already done — from hacking on MySQL to presenting at a conference to a packed house; from taking ownership of core modules to helping decide the direction of Facebook’s infrastructure; from pushing code to 300 then 400 and now over 500 million active users to debugging site issues at an unprecedented scale… every experience has helped me grow as a person and an engineer.

Facebook surrounded me with some of the brightest people in the world to work on some of the most interesting technical challenges anywhere, while providing the support to make it possible and the autonomy to make it my own. I could not have asked for a better job.

Here’s looking forward to what I’ll be able to accomplish in my next year.

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  1. Mario Says:

    I just watched the Social Network. It was really good. Considering as I’m the same age as Marc, it makes me feel really behind. At least he’s older by 6 or 7 months. Gives me plenty of time to catch up, right? How’s it going Ryan?

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