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The first in an upcoming series of long-overdue changes for this site, I took the new Arcanius symbol and made it into a favorites icon. Now what I want to know is when is the favicon thing going to be standardized so I don’t have to name it “favicon.ico” and the link makes sense…?

The Favorites Icon does need work, I’ve decided, but its a lot better than the faceless white page you’d have otherwise. Once again, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Other upcoming changes:

  • Massive CSS Rewrite-From-Scratch (or at least Rewrite-Everything-At-Least-Once)
  • Develop a unique site theme, that doesn’t look so out-of-the-box WordPressy (although I do love WordPress)
  • Better menu locations for me
  • Sparingly used graphics to spice things up

2 Responses to “Favicon.ico”

  1. Arcanius: the weBLog » Permalinks not so permanent Says:

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  2. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    I’m looking forward to what you have in store. If you need any feedback along the way, don’t hesitate to ask!

    P.S. Sorry for not dropping by for a while, but for some reason your RSS feed doesn’t seem to be updating (at least new entries aren’t showing up in my Bloglines subscriptions), so I just assumed you were away on vacation or something. Now I’m busy playing catch up :)

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