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FIRST PNW Regional 2007

For the first time since I lived in Utah, I will be completely missing a Pacific Northwest Regional. Last year, I only made it for Saturday, but this year it doesn’t look like I’ll be making it at all. I toyed around with the idea of heading down there this morning, but nobody else seemed to want to go with me, and so the idea of six hours of driving by myself was discarded. Instead, I have been keeping track of progress of the game over the match results and team standings pages.

The tournament has not been kind to the TRC. They are 1-5-2; thats one win, five losses, and two ties. At one point yesterday they were ranked dead last. Now that honor belongs to Bellevue High School. Not our town’s finest hour, I guess. Hopefully the kids keep their chins up and convince some of the judges about the finer points of the robotics club this year. Unfortunately, the Chairman’s Award is not on the table, so the TRC will have to pull some smooth talking magic to get themselves a trophy this time around. Certainly something I think Ian, Erik, Ann, Katelyn, and the rest of the crew are up to.

Hang in there guys, and always remember that we’ll do better next time!

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