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Five steps to Civil War in Iraq

Over at Colorless Green Ideas, Bob transcribed Green party presidential candidate David Cobb’s plan for Iraq. It is interesting and sounds quite convincing upon first reading – although admittedly it would be hard to swallow “reparations” for a war I ultimately supprotted, however conflicted and confused I am on that. But after thinking about it for a while, I think Bob choose the wrong title (“Ending the Destruction In Iraq”). A more fitting title would probably be “Ensuring the Destruction In Iraq”.

Cobb says his plan will work, but coming from someone who thinks high minimum wages somehow don’t lead also to high unemployement; that univeral healthcare increases its quality; that corporations do only evil and government social programs do only good, you may not want to take such a statement at face value.

I try look at most things from an incentives point of view. When you implement a policy, pass a law, or otherwise change the political landscape, you change the incentives people have to make their choices. What would you do if you were power hungry and the most powerful nation on the planet offered whoever the were the “civil leaders” billions of dollars of reparations and control over an oil-rich country with “legitimate” internationally recognized authority? Well, you would do anything in your power to get it, thats what you would do. This would almost certainly lead to complete civil war.

In the event of civil war, the Kurdish element might draw in Turkey, which, thanks to Bob, I understand systematically represses its Kurdish population and is very afraid of an Kurdish nation arising out of the Iraq situation. So Turkey, a Nato “ally” moves in, and then the whole region is royally screwed.

Or his plan works. Just like socialized medicine. And “living wage.”

I guess feel free to take your chances. After all, its not your life you’re gambling with. Or is it?

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  1. Colorless Green Ideas Says:

    Reply to Ryan on Iraq
    Ryan claims that Cobb’s plan would ensure a civil war in Iraq. He gives two reasons for this: one, that we can’t take Cobb’s word, because he believes in such silly and naive ideas as “living wages” and “universal health care.”; two, that leavin…

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