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Game v3, pt 2

Take a look at this screenshot of what is, for some reason, my favorite game recently. If the server doesn’t crash or get shut down accidently, you can play it yourself.

I propose that we establish a time for everyone to get together and play the game at the same time. Its really a lot more fun with more people. What times are good for people? Maybe every Saturday night at midnight Pacific Standard Time? Let me know!

4 Responses to “Game v3, pt 2”

  1. Dan Moretti Says:

    Honestly, this is better than CS!

    We should start a CLAN!

  2. Arcanius Says:

    I’m up for that. The clan tag has to be short, though, or we wouldn’t have space for a name. Maybe [TRC] Arc and [TRC] Blu …. That would probably work.

  3. Dan Moretti Says:


  4. Davis Says:

    anyone up for one tonight (Dec 20) sometime?

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