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Good to Better

Today started out good and proceded to better. The first order of business, after kicking slightly more demon butt in Doom3, was to head out to watch the Blue Angels perform. I was supposed to meet up with Scott and Katy, but they got stuck in traffic even as I cruised across the bridge on my bike. However, they didnt’ miss much. The show was only mediocre, with no spectacular tricks, and no high tricks, despite the absence of cloud cover at the performance area. The best we got was a couple low fly-overs with high power. Also, it was my first time there without GMS Scott in a long time, which was kind of sad. It was, however, very nice to do something physical again, even if it wasn’t frisbee (which I’m sad I missed). I’ll be there on Tuesday though.

After getting home from the somewhat disappointing but still good, as far as things go, Blue Angels show, I, yes, played a little more Doom3, before heading off to Everett’s Memorial Stadium. My employer, Microvision, had their annual company picnic there. Much of the company, plus family, came and ate in the Pepsi Picnic Pavillion food that was actually quite good. There was a pitching game set up, with a radar speed measurer, and I was one of the first to try my hand at it. Among the six balls I threw, I managed to hit 64 mph, but my arm felt pretty bad after that – thanks to no warmup at all. When I returned about an hour later, at 6:00, someone had set the mark at 73 mph. I had another six balls, and managed, barely, to tie the 73 mph mark. My arm was hurting, but not as bad as the first one. I returned again, at 7:00, to find that the new mark was 75 mph. With another six balls, and every ounce of strength I could muster, I tied the mark – and then broke the record, pushing the max to 76 mph. I was happy, considering that the prize was a $100 gift certificate to Target, and that seemed like a swell thing to win. However, I was then informed that the contest actually ended at 6:30 – I had lost by thirty minutes! Oh well, at least I have the knowledge that I could have won, had I paid more attention to the details.

What was originally going to be one 9 inning game turned into two seven inning games due to a rain-out yesterday. The Everett Aquasox (A single-A short season Mariners affiliate) were taking on the Eugene Emeralds. Things looked grim for the Aquasox for most of the first game, until the bottom of the 6th, when the bats came alive. Five runs scored, and the final score was 7-6 or thereabouts. Things got a lot worse for Eugene, though. In the second game, the Sox struck early and often. The 5th and 6th innings were brutal to Eugene’s pitching staff. Think two solo home runs followed by two triples and then a double. Yeah. And then a three run home run. The Aquasox ran away with that game 12-1, which entitled all of the stalwarts souls who stayed on to $10 Gameworks Coupons – yipee. After the game, there was an excellent fireworks display put on by what looked to be a bunch of escaped convicts in their birght orange flame retardent jumpsuits. This was no computer controlled event, the guy down on the field were lighting these things by hand. I have some video of the show, but there were no children that I was cruel to at the time :-).

It was a long day, but it was far more rewarding, an much less expensive (think free), than a similar outing with the Mariners. Not such a bad way to spend a Saturday. Upon getting home, I even got to have a short conversation with a person with whom I very much enjoy chatting. However, the plan doesn’t seem to be going so well, judging by the post times of my last few entries.


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