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Got Blue

Today, my American Express Blue card arrived. Say bye-bye to checks at Costco, and hello to gas at Costco. Woo-hoo!

So, it has this special chip on it, which supposedly makes it special. Phishaw! I bet that if I posted my number up here, it’d be used internationally in moments!

In other news, Firefox has turned 50! (via Bernie)

In non-news, I sure poured it on in this comment on Bobby’s Blog. Everyone who knows him should bug him until he posts again.

One Response to “Got Blue”

  1. Bobby Moretti Says:

    Well, every time I think about posting, I think about how I should redsign the site first. And then I think about how much time that would take, and how little I have. But yeah, sometime soon I should get around to that.

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