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Hacking Concurr

Shai came over last night and he, along with Bobby and I, hacked away at Concurr, the web-based space strategy game based originally based on Konquest. The new features include a newly fixed multi-party combat model that once again produced messages (my contribution), a display of a planet’s current upkeep (Shai’s contribution), and a reintroduction of move cancellation (Bobby’s contribution).

After we each completed our task, we played a short game that Bobby won. I still find the game totally fascinating to play — in  games of more than two people, it is very difficult to tell who is going to win until late in the game, because the game is quite well balanced.  I guessed that bobby was going to win about half way through the game, but I wasn’t sure enough about it to conceed the point. The multi-party combat model makes the game much more strategically deep — you can now attack the same planet from multiple places effectively, as long as you ensure that all your ships arrive at the same time.

Key features still planned include an in-game chat interface, integration with Facebook, end-game detection, and an improved user interface.

3 Responses to “Hacking Concurr”

  1. Stickman Says:

    Are you going to give the NPCs the ability to attack at some point? I mean, the “neutral” party can defend, but adding AI-controlled bots could be fun.

  2. Shai Says:

    While a great idea, the current plan is to freeze the feature list right now. Once we finish things that are currently on the feature list we can think about adding new features. Ryan is very prone to feature creep, so I’m trying to get him to finish what he’s started.

  3. Ryan Says:

    AI is not an immediate concern, but I agree, it would be a fun project.

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