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Harvey Danger — Little by Little

Harvey Danger’s latest album, Little by Little is excellent — and its free! Go get it now, and listen to the first song. If you don’t like it, you’re weird. :-D

Wine, women and song: I tried them all
it did not take me long to figure I’d unlock the door to happiness
I figured wrong (with a capital R)
All the baggage I brought wouldn’t fit in a mid-size car

3 Responses to “Harvey Danger — Little by Little”

  1. nordsieck Says:

    I still haven’t listened to them – I am in the middle of making sure that I don’t totally bomb out on my commitments. I think that it is awesome, though, that small bands are beginning to do what I have said for quite a while, small bands need to realize that they gain nothing from signing with a label (90% of all bands make 0 money from their record contracts), and lose their autonomy in the process. As studio grade audio equiptment contines to come down in price, the studio’s one real bargaining chip goes away (the other bargaining chip – distribution was largely never there, anyhow, as the bands never really made money, but with the advent of bittorrent or other p2p networks that becomes even less of an issue).

  2. Dan Says:

    Harvey Danger really is a pretty big band… They’re very legendary if not the most famous band. As a matter of fact, I saw their first show after 4 years (at Bumbershoot in the EMP, they filled it up, maybe 800 people, with a line stretching across the Bumbershoot grounds).

    This new CD release idea is gonna work for them, they’re gonna gain a lot of attention.

  3. Dan Marsh (not the other Dan who posted) Says:

    As much as I like to root for the local boys, I didn’t feel this album was up to the quality of their earlier stuff. I do applaud them for releasing it online, though. While they are hardly the first major band to do so, they certainly are part of a new wave of bands that don’t buy into the old profit models and don’t treat their fans with contempt.

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