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Its Good to Be a Husky again

Wow, what an exhillarating win! I pity the fools who I saw leaving the stadium early, unless they happened to go home to watch it finish on TBS. I learned long ago, after turning the TV off in disgust when the dawgs were down big in the second quarter against Michigan, that you don’t give up on the Huskies, not when they come back to win in the 4th quarter. And this time that lesson paid off. Now I feel that I can really look forward to the three games I am planning on attending in person.

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  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    I admit it. In the first half I was thinking, “here we go again.” That had to be one of the most dismal performances I’ve seen in a long time. What made it worse was how sloppy UCLA’s play was, and yet they were still dominating. Luckily enough for us Husky fans, Isaiah got his groove back (with the help of Sonny), woke up the defense, and we got to hear the horn sound several times before putting a well-deserved check mark in the W column.

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