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LAN Party’d to Death

After work yesterday, I returned home grabbed this laptop and my desktop, along with various peripherals, and headed to Erik’s for a LAN party. It had started at noon, and I planned on staying until midight or so, but due primarily to a large amount of Counterstrike playing I ended up staying there until 6:00am. I managed to make it back to my place around seven, when I fell fast asleep after setting ym alarm for 10:30. I got up around then, and though not totally lucid, was able to get myself (with my brother’s driving) to frisbee. Being outside, and the sun, and the activity woke me up, and managed to keep me awake, along with a nice shower afterwards, all through a very productive inagural TRC Hack Session. We had four people show up, with another four deferring their initial visits because of the aforementioned LAN party. Others may become involved as well. At the hack session, we talked about the SRS’s mini grand challenge, and about how we wanted to not only teach but also learn together during these hack sessions. Then Bobby took it away talking about microcontrollers. He began to explain binary numbers, and we went into the topic fairly in depth, and then began talking about logic gates. We then starting working out a system of logic gates to do simple addition of two binary digits. I’ve never done that before, and I found it imensely interesting. Fortunately, the others seemed to handle it pretty well. We made it to looking at circuit diagrams before we broke for dinner. During dinner, we talked about ideas for the bigger project, but by the end it was apparent that we needed a lot more work on the details before we have a good chance at looking at the big picture. While I managed to last all the way thourgh dinner, as I was droping people off afterwards, I began feeling the effects of staying up until 7:00 and then having fulls days of activities on 3 hours of rest. I even got so far as planning a movie with Dan, before deciding it was better that I cancel because I didn’t think I could survive until midnight tongiht. In fact, with this post, I think I’ll be falling asleep.

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