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Last Sleep

Well, last night was all-nighter #2. I struggled at time during the day, but now I seem to be rather awake, and I just finished my computational biology project with an hour and a half to spare!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a little ahead of the wave and surf rather than my current state constantly almost drowning. Probably this means WoW and life will be put on hold for a few weeks.

This should be the last hardcore quarter, though — both of my Bioengineering petitions were approved, which means, as soon I as get credit for my Neural Engineering class and finish up my capstone, I will have no more Bioengineering classes left that I have to take. I repeat, after this quarter, I have no more Bioengineering classes left to take.

All that being said, I may still end up taking (or at least attending) Synthetic Biology, because it sounds like it might be a cool class.

That, and the CSE capstone. Maybe EE 233. And another CSE elective too, perhaps? Hm, maybe Spring will be intense too?

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