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Late Night Robotics

After school, I headed to Honeywell to exchange the Saturn for the truck, then across the street to Microsoft’s parking garage to pick up carpet, then to IS, then to Bellevue High to pick up carpet, then back to IS, then hung out at IS for a long time meeting with leaders, then parents, then working on coding the robot, then to Ian’s to make the shooter gate a roller, then to Larry’s to drop off the robot (at 1:30 am) then back here to watch some olympics (I’m really missing out this year) and eat some food before reading some news, dealing with a bunch of emails, and generally causing havoc and mayhem. Yo.

2 Responses to “Late Night Robotics”

  1. Stickman Says:

    Your random pictures on the left need to be associated to the topic. That is, if you’re mentioning robotics, pictures of robotic events need to come up. And etc. Yay!

  2. Ryan Says:

    My pictures are uncategorized. That would be difficult. And then they wouldn’t be random.

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