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Many Things

A lot has happened since my last real post — not only because my life has been considerably busier than usual, but also because I haven’t made a significant post in quite a while. So, I’m sure to forget something, but here is a synopsis:

– Went on a hike up Mt Teneriffe, near Mt Si, with Dave, Larry, and Tim. Dave, Tim and I summitted (see photos here)
– Took Statistics Midterm
– Went to Atlanta for the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship (Wednesday-Sunday two weeks ago)
– Talked to police officers while in Atlanta over a misunderstanding about patio usage at a hotel (we happened to be on the patio when someone threw something off, and we apparently got blamed)
– Left Atlanta with no awards, but got to watch some really exciting elimination matches on the Newton field
– Took two midterms my first full day back from Atlanta
– Crashed into a car on my way to work (Monday, one week ago)
– Paid the guy I crashed into for damages
… Guy I crashed into gave me his car (Now we are friends)
– Now I drive that car around
… It has nice cold air conditioning, a radio, and no rear window (my fault) or seats (taken out to carry more stuff by previous owner)
– Got statistics midterm back — 50% (WTF?!)
– Got Bioengineering midterm back — 87%
– Got ML programming assignment back — 20/30 — FACK
– Got ML midterm back — 65/75 — thats about right
– Took Discrete Structures midterm — felt good
– Hiked Rattlesnake Ridge, the long way, with Nick from work
– Won a couple of frisbee games

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  1. Ben Says:

    Ahh…the joys of the beat-up old car – makes college life more complete! Anyway better luck next time on those tests. Although I think Sadistics has mitigating factors, in your case an insane teacher.

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