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More Random Thoughts

The speakers on my laptop, while lacking severly in the low range, are surprisingly good for their compactness.

I’m listening to music while putting away dishes; thus the abnormally long list (see above) [music and mood didn’t, unfortunately, get transfered in the move from Greymatter to WordPress].

I just blended (see Enemy of the State to better understand blending).

My parents just got home; I’m glad they are well.

Because I am too lazy right now, I shall cut and paste:

[21:40:34] Me: well, I’ve never done that to a girl either, but I was thinking more generally
[21:40:53] Her: oh okay
[21:42:28] Me: and when I said “so now what” I was actually thinking about chaning the subject
[21:42:41] Me: unless of course you want to continue
[21:42:53] Her: oh okay
[21:43:14] Her: no that’s fine talking about it jsut upsets me
[21:43:32] Me: exactly, so now we will talk about something else
[21:43:46] Me: like how dumb I am for going to bed at 7 this morning
[21:43:49] Her: yeah
[21:43:50] Her: hahahaha
[21:43:51] Her: why?
[21:43:58] Me: I was watching movies
[21:44:17] Me: well, first off i got home really late
[21:44:29] Me: because I agreed to pick up a shift at blockbuster
[21:44:51] Me: the guy is gonna give me another $20 on top of my regular pay
[21:45:01] Me: and then I wasn’t tired
[21:45:05] Her: well that’s good
[21:45:09] Me: because I had stayed up late the previous night
[21:45:26] Me: and so I started wathcing Basic
[21:45:38] Me: then I started watching terminator, even though I know I shouldn’t have
[21:45:47] Me: I fell asleep during terminator
[21:45:58] Me: just finished it now
[21:46:02] Her: good job
[21:46:12] Me: so then I woke up at noon
[21:46:36] Me: and it turns out I had been (re)scheduled at 11 as opposed to 1 – so I was late to work
[21:46:44] Her: oh oops
[21:46:55] Me: no big though, becuase the schedule changed, the mod didn’t care, he was just glad I showed up at all
[21:47:06] Me: and then the person who was supposed to relieve me never showed
[21:47:26] Me: and I got to stay till 9 (I was supposed to be off at 6) until another replacement could be found
[21:50:15] Me: so now I have a headahce from lack of sleep, I’m still getting my laundry done
[21:50:19] Her: oh
[21:50:20] Me: and… um yeah
[21:50:39] Me: and I’m hungry
[21:50:45] Me: so I’m going to go get something to eat
[21:50:48] Her: i’ll talk to ya later!
[21:50:48] Me: and do dishes
[21:50:52] Me: I have a laptop
[21:51:00] Me: haha I’ll carry it down with me
[21:51:06] Me: and wireless network
[21:51:08] Me: woohoo
[21:51:11] Her: aren’t you cool
[21:52:05] Me: I often think that about myself

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  1. ACe Says:

    You never gave her a chance to speak.

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