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Mozilla rules!

I mentioned about a week ago that I was trying out Mozilla’s Firebird browser. Well, it has converted me thoroughly. Firebird is now my default browser and I’ve only opened IE twice since I made it my default browser about 5 days ago. Both times were to utilize website features that were enabled only on IE (since IE currently has more than 90% marketshare, such features can be considered univeral). Both times didn’t really accomplish anything useful. Point being, no IE-proprietary features are useful in general browsing activities. Firebird is fast, sleek, not security-hole-ridden like IE, and seems to render everything at least as well as IE, if not better. And it is fast. PNG’s work properly. Favicon’s don’t get lost every time. Its got tabbed browsing, something I’m not very good at using yet, but its still very nice. Oh, and its fast and more stable than IE.

Well, Mozilla’s little gem Firebird was so good it got me interested in another one of their “technology preview” items: Thunderbird, an email and newsgroup client. I just installed and set it up today (an extremely easy process), and its now my default mail program, awaiting further scrutiny. I am optimistic.

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