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Mystery Hunt

Last weekend, I participated in the MIT Mystery Hunt, an annual puzzler extravaganza put on by the most famous of nerd schools. My participation came via Scott, a friend who currently attends said instution. My team-by-proxy was “death-from-above”, and though I directly helped solve only one puzzle out of more than 100, my “team” solved 79, placing solidly above some teams, but solidly below the top-tier teams this year.

Here’s a look at the one I helped with, called “Logomania”:

Mystery Hunt Logomania

To solve it, the Washington sub-team figured out the name of the company associated with each logo, then we took the first letter of each compnay and made a sentence out of it, which pointed us to the “company of the sixth logo,” or N-Star, which was the answer to the puzzle.

Sounds complicated? It was. And this was also, I assure you, one of the easiest puzzles in the game. Oh, and if you read Bobby‘s AIM profile, yes, “(03:33:48) Ryan McElroy: I’m a whore barbie ok” really is a quote from me, said at 3:33 am. It was an attempt to solve another puzzle, called “ten times a second.” My guess was way off base, in case you were wondering.

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