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New Years Resolutions 2011

A bit late, but last year I didn’t do this as all, so I wanted to make sure I did them this year.

This is a post that will be updated a few times before I’m done, but here goes the first few:

  • Do at least one triathlon this year
  • Play tennis every week
  • Count my blessings but never be satisfied

2 Responses to “New Years Resolutions 2011”

  1. Mario Says:

    Triathlon? That’s amazing Ryan! I know with your drive and motivation you’ll see that goal to an end! How I wish I had just a little of your drive. I have perseverance in excess, just not focus. I really want to amp my blog, I’d love to talk to you about it when ever you have a moment. Are you on Skype?

  2. Stickman Says:

    One of my resolutions is to stop working so hard. :D

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