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Not All Cops Are Jerks

Glorious News From the Front: Not All Cops Are Jerks!

While driving to Portland in a rented vehicle that I wasn’t even supposed to be driving, I got pulled over for doing 80 in a 70 that had moments ago been a 75. Amazingly, the cop who pulled me over checked my records quickly, told me he wasn’t giving me a ticket, advised me to use cruise control, and sent me on my way. He never once threatened to arrest me, he didn’t call me names, and he never went into psycho-cop-power-trip mode. It was actually a pleasant experience, except for the initial realization that he was coming after me.

The corallary to all of this is I am now in Portland, on my second ever business trip.

4 Responses to “Not All Cops Are Jerks”

  1. Ben McElroy Says:

    well wadda ya know! some cops are good people too! :-) Have fun on your business trip! What’s it for? Or are we even allowed to know that?

  2. dc Says:

    I’m with your brother on this one – What are they sending you on business trips for?

  3. nordsieck Says:

    I don’t think that cops are bad people per se, just that they are constantly exposed to people who break the law and then try to cheat their way out of getting punished. I’m not saying that it doesn’t suck when on the wrong end of a suspic-o-saurus, just that I can understand where they are comming from.

  4. Stickman Says:

    HEY! No fair! What about the business trip!

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