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One Thirty-Nine Point Five (Plus Ten)

I recently received an “Advisor’s Worksheet” from the University of Washington, giving me a listing off all the credits I have earned over the years transfered to the UW. The total comes to 139.5 UW credits, a good deal of which are listed as 1XX and 2XX – meaning that there is no exact equivalent at the UW. Particularly interesting is the fact that while Biology and Chemistry credits show up as BIOL and CHEM, all of my Physics credits show up as simply “UW” – apparently, the UW Physics department doesn’t recognize BYU’s, or maybe the UW doesn’t have a Physics department… Perplexing indeed.

All that is missing from the report are the last two classes I took – English 270 (Professional Report Writing) , ENGR 205 (Electric Circuits), the the Associates of Arts and Sciences (DTA) degree that should be posted this week sometime. Happily, the BCC transcript server is down right now, so I can’t find out presently. So, since those two classes do transfer directly to UW classes, I should end up with somewhere in the ballpark of 149.5 credits, a mere 30.5, or just over two normal quarters, from minimum graduation requirements. However, I expect that with Bioengineering and Computer Engineering as my intended major(s), I will be spending more on the order of two years at the institutions.

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  1. nordsieck Says:

    Congrats. I’m glad that you were able to leverage all your college time, instead of having to do it all (or a significant portion) over again.

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