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Or Not…

Well, the mail held no correspondance from the UW today, so it’ll be at least another day before I find out. And if the past rate of progression continues, I won’t know until the end of August. The NRA, on the other hand, keeps sending me mail: A magazine a month and constant renewal reminders.

And as for my other problem, it turns out Windows wasn’t the problem at all. I followed some of the links you guys sent me, and they didn’t hold any particular new information, but they did drive home that Windows only creates Thumbnails when it is in the Thumbnail view. And I was experiencing slowdowns opening folders even when I wasn’t in the thumbnail view. Something else was up. And it just so happened that I stumbled upon the answer – right clicking on a jpg, I saw a “Photoshop Image” tab. Over there was a checkbox – “Thumbnail Images”. I unchecked it. Next time I loaded the folder it was lickity-split fast. WTF was Adobe thinking!?

Now I have to undo all the damage I wreaked yesterday trying to “fix” Windows when Windows wasn’t the problem. Long live Microsoft (as long as they fix their security holes). Oh, and screw their browser. Hahahahah.

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  1. Shai Says:

    LOL Seems like Adobe has some fixing to do… glad you fixed the problem though.

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