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Page Mill Again

I rode up Page Mill road again today. This time, I brought my camera and I didn’t lose a spoke at the top. Coming back down was a lot faster, with one scary moment. I was wearing my helmet for the descent. From my house to Gate 4 took me 54 minutes, 35 minutes of which was from the base (I-280 and Page Mill) to Gate 4. I definitely can improve this time a ton — it’s a real grind for me right now — but I’ll have to ride it more than once every two months if I want to get  better.

Studio I to Gate 4 on Page Mill Road

Studio I to Gate 4 on Page Mill Road

UPDATE: Elevation graph, per Jayson’s request!


The view from the top as the Sun set was well worth the effort:

View from Above

5 Responses to “Page Mill Again”

  1. Scott Says:

    Stop making me jealous/When am I moving to SF?

  2. Jayson Says:

    Where’s the elevation chart?!

    How does it compare to the hills in the NW?

  3. Ben Says:

    And here I was thinking of an old, musty Adobe WYSIWYG HTML editor… ;-)

  4. Ryan McElroy Says:

    Ug, all the ads on mapmyride make it somewhat less desirable to use than straight up Google maps, but since I’m curious too, I’ll put together a graph and post it for you.

  5. Jayson Says:

    You might also try
    There are fewer ads, but the elevation chart isn’t that great.

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