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Picking up right where I left off

Picking up right where you left off is usually a good thing, unless where you left off was this:

Spring Term 2002
  CHEM   351   001         Organic Chemistry                3.0  C    

Yeah, thats right. Organic Chemistry 1 was part of my Worst Term Ever, a very not-good part of my life. And after the first two quizes in my Chem 238 (OChem II) class here at the UW, I seem to be right on track to do just as well, or worse.

A wise man once told me that some day I would be in this situation, and how I dealt with it would be very important. Well, now we shall see how Ryan deals with it.

One Response to “Picking up right where I left off”

  1. Stickman Says:

    Back in high school I didn’t know how to study because everything just came too easily. The teachers would repeat things four or five times and we’d “study” one subject over the course of a week, so I didn’t even need to pay attention.

    Then I took German. Learning a foreign language isn’t easy. I actually had to study, and do homework, and all that jazz. Well, sadly, I didn’t know how because I’d never done it before. So even though I tried, my efforts were entirely wasted by inability and I got the worst grade I’ve ever gotten.

    Something that will probably help you is teaching someone what you’ve learned. And these subjects are interesting to me, and I don’t already know them. So how ’bout you go study stuff, then we go have lunch somewhere and you can teach me all the stuff you learned?

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