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Prediction: Obama will destroy Mitt Romney in November

As far as I can tell, Mitt Romney’s main campaign tactic this fall will revolve around Obama’s “mismanagement” of the economy. Of course, by this fall, it will be clear the the economy is once again recovering, so Romney’s rhetoric will fall flat and he won’t ever really challenge Obama for a majority of votes, popular or electoral. Furthermore, Obama is so neocon in non-economic areas — foreign policy, domestic security policy, civil liberties, etc — that no republican candidate not named Ron Paul can challenge him effectively there.

The upshot of this is that even though I don’t think Ron Paul would win against Obama either, he is actually the one candidate that has a legitimate chance because he will split liberals who actually care about things like liberty and freedom from oppression by their very own police state.

So, republicans have a choice this primary season: concede early by choosing current front-runner Mitt Romney, or make things interesting by choosing the one candidate who can take Obama to task on things that both matter and people care about: Ron Paul.

Republicans are the party of stupid, so I don’t expect them to figure this out in sufficient numbers to effect change. So, Mitt Romney Will lose badly in November. That will leave us with another term for Obama, who will begin to show true big-government colors as he searches for a legacy in his second term. So basically, not a lot of fun for people who care about individual or economic liberty for a few years.

Nevertheless, the United States will remain on balance the most free country in the world. It’s a race to the bottom and we’re losing!

5 Responses to “Prediction: Obama will destroy Mitt Romney in November”

  1. Alex Loddengaard Says:

    I hope you’re right. That is, that Obama takes care of business in his second term.

  2. Scott Marsh Says:

    In Trade seems to agree with your assessment just barely. I wouldn’t discount however, the unemployment rising again as “discouraged workers” drive the numerator of the unemployment rate back up. Although counter-intuitive increased labor force participation can actually negatively impact the unemployment rate. Also, don’t discount risks such as the European debt debacle spiralling out of control. The convention wisdom says we are still in a liquidity trap, although directionally looking to be headed in the right direction.

  3. charity Says:

    Well said the GOP defines the word stupid! The GOP know they are going to get a royal butt kicking in November. If the GOP had told the tea baggers to shut the hell up,( oops they tried!). But someone forgot to tell them this is what happens when a bunch of stupid, radical, close minded bigots come to town this is what it looks like. A real freakshow that will only get more bizarre as the primaries continues. Hell who needs the Oscars with all of this excitment going on. I am a proud liberal, and I am loving it! Got go get somemore popcorn.

  4. Matt Says:

    You’re an idiot. WTF is “loosing”?

  5. Ryan McElroy Says:

    It is ‘to make loose’.

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