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Primer Part III

I recently bought the DVD of Primer, probably the most thought-provoking movie I have ever watched in the Sci-Fi genre, and a worty recipient of the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury award in 2004. I have already seen it twice – first, at the Seattle International Film Festival last year, and then at a Seattle screening several months later. The first time, I made it through about the first third of the movie before becoming completely lost. Though lost, the rest was still fascinating. The second time, I fared better, making it through the second third of the movie before I was overtaken. Last night, the third time through, and aided by PowerDVD’s ability to rewind and replay important conversations or plot developments, I for the first time felt that I understood most of the movie. Certainly, I will need a few more tries at it before I really figure out the subtleties of the Primer universe, but I finally understood (I think) the idea behind the “failsafe machine,” and who the narrator really was – important details like this that had eluded me before. My next project in this regard is to watch the movie with the director’s commentary to learn what I can from that. Then maybe the cast commentary, though I’m doubtful if that will be helpful. Then maybe, I will finally get it. Or maybe not, and thats what makes it so much fun.

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