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Primer Part IV

Talking to Angela about the movie Primer recently got me to want to watch it again. I read up a bit on the Primer website, and discovered a few things to watch out for when I watched it again. I also learned that as Dan thought, the movie title was originally supposed to be pronounced like I would expect “primmer” to be pronouced, where it has the meaning of an introuctory textbook. However, after the movie was released, many people (such as myself) called it Primer, like the first coat of paint, and both pronounciations now seem to be used.

So I watched it tonight with my brother, who is visiting from Utah to prepare his leftover things here before he gets married (congratlations!). Since I also read a lot about the different theories of what parts of the movie mean, I think that I understand even more of the movie now – although, I want to watch it again, again…

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