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Purse Snatchers

While walking a Bioengineering classmate Christine home tonight after a night full of solving homework problems, we saw ahead of us some sort of strange tussle between a couple of girls. Since we were on greek row, I wasn’t sure quite what to think — was it some sort of catfight over something trivial? I think I even asked “Is this for real?” Well, it turns out it was for real — right before we got to where the problem was happening, one of the grls threw the purse that she was trying to steal into the bushes and ran off while the other girl, quite distressed, went to retrieve it.

We made sure that the girl was ok and had everything — both purse and person were ok, thankfully — but in hindsight, I sure wish I had gone after the purse-snatcher. Not only would it have made a much better story, but I also would have had the chance to fight some crime for real. Oh well, there is always next time.

4 Responses to “Purse Snatchers”

  1. Dan Moretti Says:

    You could of easily overpowered her… But next time it might not be against the easiest of “criminals”.

  2. Ben Says:

    well good job handling the situation – a cornered person typically behaves dangerously – and a criminal much more so – so I’m glad you didn’t actually try to take down the thief. Did you get a good look at the would-be thief? Enough to make a police report? That would be helpful.

  3. Erik Thulin Says:

    I am in agreement with Ben. You would have had no way to evaluate whether she was armed etc, I think a police report would be the way to go if you had enough information.

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