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Today, for the first time in a long time (I think over two months!), I rebooted sf2, the server behind I figured it was time when I tried to restart apache and it gave me a long list of error messages. Nothing apparent was going wrong, but yes, even Linux succumbs to entropy, albeit at a seemingly much slower rate than Windows.

Work was pretty slow today, so I came home early and vacuumed out my truck, a task which was sorely overdue. After this, I went to eat with – and say goodbye to – Maneesh. He’s leaving for New York on Thursday and will be missed. Ben and Jon also came – we ate at Cuccina Cuccina in Issaquah. After this my brother and I went to an FHE titled “Spin The Bottle/Bare Buns Fun Run” that ended up being not nearly as racy as it sounded – we spun bottles to form groups who then “ran” bare fresh home-baked buns to various people in the church. A redeeming factor was that the girl my group delivered to was very nice on the eyes.

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