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Scheduling Disasters

Update: To be fair, it turns out the advisers sent out an email about this a few days before registration started, with instructions about emailing them to avoid any problems on registration day.

I generally have a pretty high opinion of the CSE program here at the UW. Recently, however, a recurring problem has made me question the sanity of the advisers in the department. You see, the CSE department is in the middle of switching a set of requirements that doesn’t require CSE 303 to a set that does have that requirement. And they keep getting it wrong. Classes that shouldn’t have 303 as a prerequisite, because over half the students in the program didn’t have 303 as a requirement when they started in the program — myself included, keep showing up with 303 listed as a prereq. So this morning, despite my doing everything right, I wasn’t able to sign up for either of the two CSE classes I had planned. And now one of them is full, even though I was definitely there first.

I also try to be nice to the advisers when I send them a message about it. But its hard when they’ve had this problem before — last quarter and this quarter with other classes — but they keep screwing it up. Maybe its just too early, but COME ON PEOPLE GET IT RIGHT.

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