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Seafair Triathlon 2009

Below are side-by-side results from this year and last year. Without the same amount of training or the wetsuit, I didn’t do very well on the swim this year — definitely this is the first place for me to improve in the future. However, I did better everywhere else, even with a bike computer that wasn’t working.

The lower bike transition time is due to no wetsuit, but the swim was still clearly a net loss this year by about a minute and a half. I had a few lapses of concentration on the bike, but none too long. Overall I kept my pace up pretty well, passing often, despite not knowing how fast I was going. This year my average speed on the bike was 19.08 mph, compared to 18.40 last year.

The biggest win for me, however, was on the run. I guess the altitude training of Peru paid off, as well as a slightly different strategy. This year, I was able to push through the initial pain better because I knew it would subside. I also walked on the steepest part of the hill (last year I told myself I would not walk, so I continued to run up the hill even though people who were walking were going the same speed as me). This gave myself a little bit of time to recharge while not wasting the spring of my step on the steep part of the hill. I think the strategy paid off overall — the time certainly indicates this.

Overall, I am quite happy with this result. My goal was to beat my old time, which I was able to do, and with some more pool time leading up to next year’s Triathlon, I should be able to improve on this year’s result next year as well.

Year 2008 2009
Place 647 649
Age 25 26
Sex M M
Overall Time 1:31:57 1:28:20
Div Place 56 79
Swim Time 0:16:54 0:18:44
Place 738 1122
Bike Tran Time 2:34 2:01
Bike Time 0:39:08 0:37:41
Place 504 393
Run Tran Time 1:25 1:13
Overall Pl After Bike 515 564
Run Time 0:31:55 0:28:41
Place 1177 945
City & State Bellevue, WA Bellevue, WA

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  1. Stickman Says:

    Your age was higher this year. Work extra hard next year and maybe you can get it back down.

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