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Shooting With Theo

Last Saturday, Theo and I went to Wade’s Gun Shop & Shooting Range in Bellevue to discharge some firearms. Theo brought his 9mm Star pistol, and I paid the $12 to rent any gun from Wade’s case. In all, we shot maybe 600 or 700 rounds – 400 from his gun and the rest spread between a variety of 45 ACP (Kimber Custom II is a very nice operating gun), 40 S&W (The S&W itself was pretty nice, but I was getting tired by that point, so its hard to tell how nice it really was), and 9mm Luger pistols. The thing I really learned is that I am a pretty terrible marksman. In fact, as the day went on (we shot for about 4 hours), I got worse as I came to better anticipate the hammer coming down. The anticipation led to a twitch that pretty much destroyed my aim. When the firing comes more as a surprise, as Theo mentioned, accuracy goes up. So I have some work to do. But fortunately, it all ended well, as I placed the last bullet stright through the bullseye (maybe my only one of the day) while holding the gun with a single hand. Woohooo! Go me!

All in all, I had a great time and would like to go back to improve and get a better feel for what gun I would want to eventually own.

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  1. nordsieck Says:

    You forgot the pistol that fired .45 GAP rounds ;). Definately lots of fun.

    One thing to point out to people who have never shot pistols (or rifles) for extended periods of time is that firearms are quite heavy; imagine holding up a 2 pound weight at arm’s length for an hour solid.

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